Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Movie Recs

Guy has moved in and my new brother-in-law has moved out. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I watched two movies in the last couple of days I would recommend:

Sukiyaki Western Django - It's Bruce Lee meets Clint Eastwood. A kung-fu/samurai/spaghetti-western showdown. If Sergio Leone was Japanese this is what you'd get. The film draws heavily on Django, a 1966 western. My only gripe was having to see Quentin Tarrantino in it.

Papillon - This is the true story of Henri Charrière's life on Devil's Island. Played by badass Steve McQueen and supported by Dustin Hoffman as the French counterfiter Louis Dega, Charrière is falsely accused of killing a pimp and sent to a life of work camps on the island. It's long, but an amazing story of determination and obsession.

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